EPCOM Equipment Demonstration Policy

The purpose of this policy is to allow our customers to test and evaluate our equipment to ensure that it meets their specific expectations and needs. EPCOM is committed to providing technical support and advice during the trial process.

1. Request and Billing:
Customers interested in trying out a demo unit can request it through our sales department.
EPCOM will invoice the demo equipment at the regular price, setting a Net60 day payment term from the invoice date.

2. Trial Period:
The customer will have a period of 60 days from the invoice date to test the equipment.
During this period, the customer is encouraged to perform all necessary tests and thoroughly evaluate the equipment.
Our engineering department will be available to provide support and resolve any questions related to the equipment's operation.

3. Equipment Return:
If the customer decides not to purchase the equipment, it must be returned to EPCOM before the 60 days from the invoice date are up. The equipment should be returned as much as possible in the same condition it was received, with the original box and all accessories included.

4. Credit Note:
Once the demo equipment is returned and verified, EPCOM will issue a credit note to the customer for the total value of the equipment and the shipping cost.

5. Equipment Purchase:
If the customer decides to keep the equipment, it will not be necessary to return it. The customer must cover the cost of the equipment, respecting the Net60 day payment term.

6. Shipping Costs:
EPCOM will cover the shipping costs for both the delivery and return of the demo equipment.
General Conditions:

  1. This demonstration policy is subject to the availability of equipment in inventory.
  2. EPCOM reserves the right to limit the quantity and type of equipment available for demonstration.
  3. Any significant damage or deterioration of the equipment during the trial period may result in additional charges or the cancellation of the credit note.

For more information or to request a demo unit, please contact our sales department or visit our website www.epcom.net