We have a serious commitment to our distributors in providing the best performing quality products, all from the newest high-tech available, to be competitive and grow their business.

Quality control is always under scrutiny. Although our products are inspected by appearance, quality and corresponding specifications by our technicians and engineers we heavily rely on the opinion, comments, and complaints from our distributors are very important to us.

Because of this we have created a strict written procedure to control any irregularities found in our products from the point of sale to the point that the distributor finishes the job with the end user. Simultaneously, our support labs collect all the data from returned equipment and address the issues that have a high rate of abnormalities. Then we address preventive and corrective measures.

Direct Contact with Manufacturers

We are regularly in communication with the manufacturers forwarding our customer’s concerns and together creating better products.

Customer Follow-up

EPCOM creates an investigation to find out how many and which customers we sold the product that was causing problems. We ask about the product’s performance and warn other customers that might have the same problem. When needed we replace the products ASAP.