Our mission is to boost
the profitability and the success of
our customers' businesses.

EPCOM sells exclusively to system integrators and distributors.


EPCOM, is a global leader in distributing Wireless and Security Systems.
At EPCOM we sell exclusively to integrators and dealers. Our strategic network, with distribution centers in
El Paso, TX, San Antonio, TX, and Miami, FL, enables us to efficiently serve our diverse clientele across various regions.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of products such as Video Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems, Energy Systems, Fire Detection, Alarms, Networking, Structured Cabling, and signaling devices, that can help you expand your business and increase your profits.

We strive to be your best option as a value-added distributor. As a value-added distributor, our commitment to your success goes beyond simply delivering products. We like to go further, by providing the technical and ongoing support and service you deserve.

We firmly believe in the principle of "first your success, then ours." Because if you succeed, we succeed. Our entire team is dedicated to supporting you at all times, understanding your unique needs, and providing you with full solutions.
Please consider us as your friends. We are here to help you and support your business to continue being successful and profitable.

Miami (Doral), FL.

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturdays 8am-1pm
Phone. (305) 889-1127
8301 NW 27th St. #1.
Zip. 33122, U.S.A.
E-mail: [email protected]

El Paso, TX.

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturdays 8am-1pm
Phone. (915) 533-5119
1630 E. Paisano Dr.
Zip. 79901, U.S.A.
E-mail: [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturdays 8am-1pm
Phone. (915) 533-5119
5715 Kenwick St.
Zip. 78238, U.S.A.
E-mail: [email protected]

Vertical Market

EPCOM dealers are system integrators who offer support, service and distribution to:


Manufacturing companies.


Stores, supermarkets, malls.

Service Industry

Office buildings, hotels, and restaurants.

Transportation Industry

Airports, marine ports, rail industry, and highways.

Financial Institutions

Banks, currency exchange companies, credit unions.

Health Industry

Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


Architecture firms and construction companies


Extraction and commercialization of mineral resources


Agriculture and cattle companies.

Public & Private Safety

Security, prevention and surveillance companies.

Our Values:

At EPCOM, we believe in the importance of seriousness, honesty, constancy, respect, humility, and punctuality. We put these values into practice daily by delivering high-quality products and services with integrity and transparency and by treating our customers, employees, and partners with the utmost respect and professionalism.


Access Control

We provide comprehensive solutions for controlling personnel and vehicle access.


Our standalone solutions ensure a reliable and efficient energy supply.

Video Surveillance

We offer high-quality megapixel recording, analytics, and capture solutions..

Network Solutions

Our complete line of interconnection systems, routers, PoE, and microwave devices ensure seamless and secure communication.

Fire Detection

Our solid, reliable, and technologically advanced fire detection systems are internationally recognized and certified.

Intrusion and Automation

We provide complete solutions with fire panels, sensors, extinguishing systems, electric fences, and ZWAVE automation systems.

Radio Communication

We deploy digital, conventional, and trunking radio communication solutions.

Audiovisual signaling for public and private security.

Our audiovisual signaling systems ensure public and private security.