Warranty Policy:

1. In the case that a product does not comply with the proper use mentioned in the instruction manual, in the most recent EPCOM catalog or on the website www.epcom.net, EPCOM will process the return following the return policy mentioned below. We suggest keeping the original boxes for all items for at least 2 months from the purchase date.

2. We also suggest to follow the following steps:

  1. After using your knowledge in the use or installation of the equipment, and
  2. After reading the installation and/or operations manual, and
  3. Have tested the equipment and parts on another similar site with no success;
  4. Please contact our engineering and support team at 915-533-5119 and ask for a support engineer.

3. If in the case that EPCOM’s engineering support team is not able to detect the problem, EPCOM will provide an RMA number so that you can return the equipment for repair.

  1. The support engineer should provide you with the following: RMA number, address where to ship the damaged goods to.
  2. Please make sure you only send the parts the support engineer asks for. Do not send power cords or other accessories unless the support engineer asks you to.
  3. Please try to place the item in the original boxes. Do not make notes or place stickers. All we need is the RMA number on a separate sheet of paper included with the merchandise. If you are returning dome cameras please take the proper precautions to protect the glass from scratches using cardboard and shipping each dome individually in a single box. Be very careful when shipping batteries. These need to be shipped without charge and with the electric terminals well protected with tape or cardboard to avoid friction while in transit. If the battery contains acid please remove it before shipping. Always avoid shipping batteries with acid. They are very dangerous and transportation companies can refuse to ship them.
  4. Please add a written report on the inside of the package using your words to best describe the problem and include the RMA number given to you by the support engineer.
  5. Include all items in an additional protective box, label “FRAGILE” and ship to your closest EPCOM repair center:
    1630 E Paisano Dr. El Paso, TX 79901
    8301 NW 27th St. #1, Miami, FL 33122)
  6. The customer claiming the damages on the merchandise is responsible for the shipping cost to EPCOM. EPCOM will pay the shipping back to the customer.

4. To better serve you please email us the following information to: [email protected]:

  1. Tracking number
  2. Shipping company used
  3. If you need a return delivery to a business or residence
  4. ETA for delivery at EPCOM
  5. RMA number

5. EPCOM’s support team should get back to you in 7 days. In the unfortunate case that the product no longer has a valid warranty, the support team will inform you during those same 7 days.

6. The warranty period for factory defects is one year from the date of sale. Some products have a three-year warranty, and others up to 5 years. This is better clarified in our printed catalogs and website www.epcom.net. If the equipment was sold as used, the warranty policy changes as so:

  • A* Classification: Same warranty as if new.
  • B* Classification: 1 year from sale date
  • C* Classification:Warranty for 6 months.
  • D* Classification and Outlet/clearance: No warranty is available, returns are not accepted, and technical support is very limited.
Warranties for batteries are considered based on the life indicated by the manufacturer.
Warranties on articles like light bulbs, strobes, spare parts, and circuit boards have a one month warranty from date of sale.
The hard drives in digital equipment have a one year warranty

7. The customer is responsible for having equipment information backed up before sending your damaged equipment. EPCOM cannot be held responsible for the loss of information such as frequencies, programs, licenses, drivers, video recording, and/or other information.

8. EPCOM’s return policy is limited by the following conditions:

  1. When the equipment no longer has the brand labels, model or series numbers and we are not able to track it back to the sale date.
  2. In the case that the equipment shows (external or internal) improper use of the optimal conditions. These can include but are not limited to: burns, missing ​ ​parts, internal humidity.

9. The warranty consists of a repair or an exchange for equipment in the same conditions the item was bought for.

10. EPCOM does not;

  • Program equipment
  • Analyze or process video/audio from hard drives.
  • Have a password to read programs, frequencies, videos, etc.

11. Products sent to the EPCOM support lab that is determined that is not covered under warranty will be quoted to the customer. If no answer is given by the 8th business day, the equipment will be sent back to the customer. If the customer accepted the repair charge and this is not paid in 30 days from the acceptance date, EPCOM holds the right to sell the refurbished equipment elsewhere.

12. EPCOM reserves the right to supply a new equipment before the damage done is received.
Suggestions so that equipment keeps their warranty:

  • It is important that the equipment is installed in an environment that complies with the recommendations from the manufacturers.
  • Complete a revision every 6 months that includes:
    • Internal and external cleaning
    • Check that the power sources are at an optimum level. (Include connections to positive, ground, battery charges, etc.)
    • Check the quality of the connectors, and eliminate the humidity that these may have.
    • Adjust screws.

Restrictions on the return of merchandise:

  1. We do not accept returns on cable that has been cut
  2. We do not accept returns on software
  3. We do not accept returns on merchandise sold 45 days past the invoice date
  4. We do not return cash. All returns are on a form of a credit to the account used for future purchases.
  5. If a return is applied a min. charge of 3% plus a classification charge on the merchandise will be discounted from the final credit amount.
  6. Special orders do not qualify for a return.
  7. We do not accept returns on spare parts
  8. We do not accept returns without authorization from the support engineer that he/she was not able to fix the issue over the phone. Please call before attempting to return a product.

If at receiving the repaired equipment, the packaging is in bad shape due to the mishandling of the shipping company, do not accept the package. If possible take photos and report the problem to the EPCOM’s customer service department at: [email protected]. If you accept the merchandise it is considered “delivered in good form.”