Product Classification Policy:

*A Condition: As new.
Equipment that has been lightly used. Not always in original box or packaging. Box might have slight damage. Slight damage to the equipment might have been caused by restocking, testing or reprograming.

Warranty: Same as if new.
Price: List Price -5%
*B Condition: Good.
Equipment that has noticeable previous use, but works properly. Not in its original packaging but all specs are the same as if new/unused. For example: equipment that was used for several months and turned in for an upgrade. This also includes refurbished items. Scratches and light damage are visible.
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: List Price –22%
*C Condition: Fair.
Damaged equipment. Vital functions operate properly. Can be missing non-vital functions. Might be missing buttons, no box nor instructions included. Limited accessories.

Warranty: 1 Year
Price: List Price –50%
*D Condition: Not working.
Non-working equipment. This equipment is damaged and cannot be repaired, but does contain at least 50% of its parts. Good for scrap parts and can be used as display equipment. The cameras can be used as dummy cameras. Does not contain accessories.

Warranty: No warranty
Price: List Price –85%
*R Condition: Rent.
Equipment for rent. The equipment works properly, it may not come in the original box and may contain scratches from previous use.

Warranty: Same as new.
Price: List Price -5%
*E Condition: Damaged.
Non-working equipment.

Warranty: No warranty.
Price: List Price –99%