Short-Term Financing Capability, Powered by Slope

Epcom now offers access to short-term financing, powered by Slope

Take advantage of a pre-approved credit limit and payment term flexibility, allowing you to better synchronize your business’ payments with its cash flow

Pre-Qualify for Short-Term Financing

To begin utilizing short-term financing, you'll need to pre-qualify for a credit limit. Proceed to checkout and select Pay over time with Slope, then Proceed with Slope

R e g i s t e r

If you’re a first time user, 
you’ll need to register for an account.

Once you’ve created an account and have logged into your Buyer portal, there are a few sections to complete, as seen below. It’s helpful to have the following information:

  1. EIN/Tax ID
  2. Estimated Annual Revenue
  3. Beneficial owner(s) details, including personal address, DOB, and SSN.

Please note the following requirements for financing approval:

  1. At least $100K in annual revenue
  2. FICO score of 625 or higher for the business  owner or control person.
  3. At least one year of banking history with your  current bank
  4. Authorization for a consumer credit soft pull
    • Please note that a soft pull does not affect your credit score.

Congrats, you’ve finished the first part of the application! Slope will then walk you through the process for pre-approved financing, asking for a series of data inputs to determine the right credit limit and payment term optionality for your business.

Available payment terms will vary and are determined by Slope's underwriting model.

Initial qualification takes just a few steps. To process your application, Slope will need you to provide an estimate of your annual revenue and to link your business’ bank account (or multiple accounts).

To underwrite your business for short-term financing, Slope will analyze the transaction history of the linked account(s). Providing as much bank detail as possible gives Slope more context about your financial history and it could help them approve you for a higher lending limit. Any accounts you link during this step can be stored and reused later for making payments.

Once approved, Slope will present your account's spending and transaction limits. If Slope is unable to pre-qualify you for a line of credit, you can reach out to Slope directly for further assistance.

Just like that, you have been approved for short-term financing! Slope will then present you with options for repayment. The payment terms for each option can vary and they are determined by Slope's underwriting.

Once you have selected terms, choose payment method should be used for repayment. Slope will then automatically charge your card or bank account for these repayments, on schedule with your preferred payment terms. If you choose to fund repayments with a bank account, you can use any bank account you linked earlier when qualifying for Short-Term Financing or you can choose to add another account now.

When you add a credit card or bank account, Slope will ask you to provide funding details for that payment method. After you've added a card or account, it will be readily available when you use Short-Term Financing for future payments.

Success! You have now completed your order and also have a pre-approved limit to use for future purchases


Epcom's Short-Term Financing payment method is powered by Slope. All loans are created, underwritten, and serviced by Slope. The repayment schedules for these loans can vary. The schedule is determined when you submit a payment and choose the payment terms that work best for you. Slope will ask you to provide payment information for either a card or bank account and these funding details will be used to initiate charges for repayment. You will be notified in advance of each charge by Slope via email

In the event your payment is canceled before it's deposited by your recipient, the funds will automatically be credited back to Slope. If the payment is not deposited in 30 days, it will automatically be canceled. Slope will reimburse you directly for any repayment charges toward that loan

For any questions or concerns relating to your Short-Term Financing eligibility and/or loan repayment, please reach out to the Slope Customer Success team