About AdvanceTec

AdvanceTec™ is a vertically integrated organization with the knowledge, experience, and technology to get the job done without the delays and compromises that often come with multiple outsourcing.

Established in 1987, AdvanceTec™ Industries has become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of communications products and solutions for the wireless telecom, two-way radio and thermal imaging industries. From its fully integrated, state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Florida, the privately-held company provides innovative AdvanceTec™-branded, private label and OEM solutions for a variety of organizations and corporations worldwide. AdvanceTec™’s cutting-edge research and development has earned it the coveted C.E.S. “Innovations in Design and Engineering” award for three years.


Product Specifications, Prices, and Pictures Disclaimer:
* Technical specifications, characteristics, functions, colors, prices and pictures are true as of last update of this website. Due to occasional changes in technology some of these mentioned may change.
* The final prices are calculated with a 4% additional discount considering payment method is cash or wire transfer.
* The price can increase depending on the payment type.

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