Choose installation enviroment (kind of finish)
Choose the tray based on the number of cables it will carry (check tray scpecifications)
Choose the union type.
Choose the kind of support (ceiling, wall, false floor)

Mechanic Resistance with Double Side Fence

Hook-type Safety Edge

Quick Coupling Unions

Ready-to-use Curves

Higher load capacity and reduced deflection • Increased security and protection for the cable and the installer

• Patented edge.

• Higher load capacity.
• Patented accessories for saving time and labor

• Anti seismic, no need to purchase other tools

• Improves electrical conductivity
• Labor saving and accessories

• 90º and 45º Angles

A wide range of sizes, widths and cambers
with installation accessories that will give your projects big time saves and secured integrations.

Automatic Caps
• Wiring protection against UV rays and spilled liquids
• No additional fastening accessories required, it is automatically coupled to the tray due to its safety edge


Electrogalvanized (15 to 20 microns)Polyester paint on galvanized string Interiors with custom color.Hot dip galvanized (60 to 80 microns) Exterior, normal, abrasive and humid enviroments.AISI 304L stainless steel acid, alkaline, halogens (fluorine-color) Saline (marine), chemical industry, food industry.


Indoor: offices, shops, computer rooms, etc.

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