Company leader in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Industry.

Century has been established in 1996 and is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of retail security solutions. In 2016, we opened our head office in the Netherlands, from where we provide the highest level of quality and service to our partners and retailers in Europe.

Century R&D teams in China and Europe constantly optimize and invent innovative solutions. Generally speaking, they develop, produce and supply:

• Tags and labels
• Source tagging solutions
• Alarming products
• Safers
• RFID solutions
• Display security solutions

Providing a wide variety of systems and products to retailers that operate in different markets.

CENTURY Products

Product Specifications, Prices, and Pictures Disclaimer:
* Technical specifications, characteristics, functions, colors, prices and pictures are true as of last update of this website. Due to occasional changes in technology some of these mentioned may change.
* The final prices are calculated with a 4% additional discount considering payment method is cash or wire transfer.
* The price can increase depending on the payment type.

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