F200 11 USA

UHF Transceiver 450-470 MHz, 2W 16 Channels, Protection Grade IP54

Top Highlights:

  • Rugged, Easy Operation in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Compact body with dimensions of 3.7* x 2 x 1.1 inches and weighing only 5.5 oz, 2 W output power, 16 channels and up to 15 hours of operation.
  • Rugged looks with IP54, MIL-STD810 weather proofing, and user-friendly operations.
  • Versatility with various headset and earphone-microphone options and VOX hands-free functions.
  • The elegant and smart IC-F200 fits in the palm of your hand... more info

Model: F200 11 USA
Brand: ICOM