Audio accessories made in USA for extreme environments, certified in noise reduction, WP and fire proof.

OTTO: Certified audio accessories in MIL-STD-810, fireproof speaker microphone, 900Mhz hands-free headset, Cordless handset. Lightweight headband protecting noise.

OTTO LOCK: One lap flap microphone for Kevlar reinforced PU cable monitoring with interchangeable earbuds and acoustic tube. (this has Pryme but with woven fiber and are not compatible).

OTTO Convert Wireless: wireless earphone with inductor loop to make wireless lapel microphones (OTTO only).

1-wire audio accessories for surveillance (this is handled by Pryme and TXPRO)

OTTO Connect: individual full duplex radios for headband use and hands-free communication (only OTTO has it)

OTTO 500: Fireman's horn microphone withstands up to 500 ° F (260 ° C) and protects the electronic components of the microphone for more than 5 min. (only OTTO has it).

HURACANE II: Lightweight protective headband NRR 29 dB, MIL-STD-810

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