High Quality Microinverters

With the NEP microinverters, the use of solar energy now
reaches a new level of flexibility and efficiency. They are responsible for converting the current generated by the solar modules (DC) into alternating current (AC) 220V to deliver it to our electrical network system.
The electrical energy of several microinverters is combined and fed into an existing electricity network at 220V and 60Hz.

You can start with a microinverter and then connect in series up to 5 microinverters (per branch) to increase the power.

With microinverter systems we can count on several advantages:

-Low cost of investment.
-The panels are independent, that is, if one solar panel fails, it does not affect the others.
- Arrangements of distributed panels can be placed (for small or complicated areas).
-Monitoring performance remotely.
-The system can grow without modifications, only adding more modules.

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