Microlab. A Division of RF Industries.

Microlab is a global designer and manufacturer of advanced RF and microwave components and systems. Our portfolio of products and solutions enables combination and distribution of RF signals used in the deployment of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions in buildings, wireless base stations and micro-cell networks. The solutions have low passive intermodulation loss (Low PIM) and high ultra-wideband performance (0-6GHz) to ensure best-in-class service in 5G network deployments and critical communications and public safety networks.

Major products include wideband hybrid combiners, multiband combiners and filters, power dividers, directional couplers, tappers, attenuators, RF load terminations, and DC surge arrestors.

Microlab also offers customized and integrated solutions for turnkey applications, as well as active solutions for RF GPS distribution/network timing and SMART passives for public safety DAS monitoring.

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