Audio accessories for extreme environments, certified in noise reduction, Water proof GPS & Bluetooth.

Pryme: Quick connect braided fiber, microphones with GPS WP and Bluetooth. OSHA compliant noise reduction headband, Motorcycle helmet accessory.

- 1, 2 3-wire lapel microphones ideal for surveillance
One wire directly connected to the radio
Quick Connect cable
Direct to the radio and Quick connect of braided fiber reinforced with Kevlar
- Audio conduction audio accessories head, cheekbones and throat for noisy environments.
- Speaker Mics:
With GPS
WP (waterproof)
- Bluetooth dual muff Headsets for Bluetooth Radios and Bluetooth Adapters for Bluetooth-Free Radios
- Accessories for closed and open motorcycle helmets
- OSHA Certified Noise Reduction Diadems
- WP connectors designed better design than original.

PRYME Products

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