Networking, Wireless Networks, and High-Capacity WiFi

Backhaul Links

Links up to 2Gbps, from 5Ghz to 80Ghz in Free and Private Bands

High Capacity Enterprise WIFI

Controlled Access, Large Users Capacity

WIFI Hotspots

Administration, Sales and Content Control of WIFI

Point-to-Point and Multi-Point Links

Large Users Capacity, "Fiber" Level Coverage and Capacity

Routers, Firewalls and Balancers

Advanced Traffic Control, High Availability

PoE Switches

Long-distance and Industrial Solutions for up to 2000 feet

Industrial Switches

Supports Extreme Temperatures and Variable Voltages

GPON, Media Converters and Transceivers

For Fiber Optics

4G LTE Routers

Complete Systems for Owner Development and Mobile Applications


High Immunity to Noise, Long-range Coverage for All Bands

Telecommunication Towers

Self-Supporting (Heavy Duty) and Brazed

Professional Masts

Telescopic Version and High Performance Accessories

3G / 4G Coverage Increase

Cellular Signal Amplification

Media Converters

Converts copper signals to fiber optic for industrial applications

UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply

Backup systems up to 30 KVA

IP Phones, Voice and Videoconferencing

Professional Headsets

Advanced Noise Reduction, EXTREMELY Clear Audio

PBX Phone Switches and Cloud

High Availability and Cloud Support

Video Phones and Interphones

PBX integration, phone entry, no app required

Enterprise Telephone Lines

GSM Gateways / Analog

Integrates phone systems and converts analog to IP

Audio and Videoconferencing

Cloud support for multiple users, HD video and audio with minimal lag


HD Video Surveillance

TURBOHD cameras and recorders

IP Video Surveillance

Multi-Megapixel Recording Solutions and Professional Cameras

HDMI Solutions

Extenders, Multiplexers and Videowalls

Mobile Video + 4G

4G Transimssion, Portable Video, High Security

Videowalls, Ergonomic Desks and Mounts

Monitors, Mounts, Controllers and Furniture

Servers and Workstations

For Multi-Megapixel and Analytics Projects

NAS Storage

Professional Information Backup in Own Cloud

Professional Hard Drives

High Performance, Optimized for Videosurveillance


Advanced Videoanalytics Solutions

Electric Tools

Ideal tools for professional installations

License Plate Readers

For Access, Brand, Model and Color Identification

Professional Video Cloud Recording

Visualize the Location Online with a Backup

Professional Microphones

Special Microphones for Recoding Conversations

Video Door Entry

IP and Analog Solutions

Enclosures for Outdoor Applications

Manufactured of super high impact steel and polyester for extreme climates

Video Surveillance Accessories

Extensions, Mounts and Special Adapters

Explosion-Proof and Anti-Corrosion

Cameras with Special Enclosures

Access Control

Relays / Wireless Switches

NO CABLES, Large Distances, 3G/4G and Wiegand

Vehicle Access

Gates and Sliding Vehicle Barriers, Traffic lights and Radars

Access Control Keypads

Anti-vandalism and extreme climate models

Magnetic, autonomous and bolt locks

Professional Locks

Access Controllers

For Parking, Elevators and Multi-door Control

Access Control Accessories

Buttons, Door Closers and Cable Sleeves

Emergency Doors

Fire-proof, Galvanized and High Security

Access Control QR Readers

Full Integration with the Acess Controllers

Readers and Cards

Long-distance Solutions, Encrypted, NFC and Impossible to Clone

Identification and Credentialing

Card Printing, Multiple Designs and Security Levels

Voice and Phone Intercoms

PBX Integration, Phone Entry, No App Required

Garage Doors and Barrier Gates

The Most Used and Requested in the U.S.

Asset Protection

Robbery Reduction using RF Tags and Antennas

X-Ray and Hazardous Material Detection

NUCTECH High Specification Line

Turnstiles and Flap Barriers

Stainless Steel and Full Outdoor Solutions

Traffic Lights, Radars and Speed Bumps

The complete line of products for vehicular access

Advanced Biometrics

For access control / time and assistance

Laser Sensors

Highly accurate detection

Access Control for Hotels

Complete solutions for hotel management

Elevator Control

Administer the access privileges to the building floors through fingerprints or cards

License Plate Readers

For Access, Brand, Model and Color Identification

Metal Detectors

High sensitivity, exclusive designs and unique versions for outdoor applications


Professional Use Batteries

For Security, Solar and Long-Duration Applications

Industrial Power Supplies

High Power, Energy Backup and Noise Reduction


True Sine Wave, 24/7 Operation, High Power/Battery Capacity

Solar and Wind Energy

Standalone and Interconnected Systems to the Grid

UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply

Backup systems up to 30 KVA

PoE for Solar Energy

Supply devices with solar energy

Grounding and Lightning System

Protect your infrastructure

PDU - Power Distribution Units

Complete Line for High Demand Applications

Grounding and Lightning System

Ready for applications in areas with no access to electricity

Surge Protection

For protecting PoE, Coaxial, AC and DC projects.

Fire Detection

Early Fire detection

Detecting Fire Prior to Having a Smoke

Fire Extinction

Safe & Non-toxic Systems, No Tubes Required

Fire Detection

NFPA Certified Wired and Wireless Solutions

Gas Sensors

Smoke and Gas Detection (Ammonia, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide and LP Gas)

Fire Testers and Toolkits

Quick and Secure Maintenance

Evacuation Notification Devices

Horns, Strobes and Smart Amplifiers

Protectors and Sirens

For emergency devices and alarms

Smart Homes, Automation and Intrusion

Honeywell Total Connect

Controls lights, alarms, doors, thermostats, garage, and all of your devices through your smartphone

3G / 4G Alarm Monitoring

2 Years of Unlimited 4G, Customized App Logo, Supports Other Brands

Alarm Panels

Complete Wireless High Security Solutions

Electric Fences

High Power, Alarm Activation

Sensors and Detectors

Movement, Temperature and Photoelectric Sensors

Perimeter Protection

Detection cables, photoelectric systems and fiber optics for hundreds of miles

Alarm and Event Monitoring

Quick Activation and Monitoring of Different Locations

Fog Generators for Security

They can not steal what they can not see

Smart Homes: Lighting and Automation

Smartphone Control Features


Relays, Switches, Thermostats and Blinds

Alarm Communicators

WIFI, 3G / 4G,IP Radiocommunication

SFIRE Signaling and Lights

SFIRE Accessories for Integration

Fall and Medical Emergency Button

Monitor falls, medical emergencies and contact a monitoring center

Structured Cabling and Fiber Optics FTTX/PON

FTTH Networks

Fiber Optics Cables, Connectors and Tools

Cabinets and Racks

Indoor/Outdoor High Security Designs

Copper Cabling

Jacks, Faceplates, Conectors, Patch Panels and Patch Cords

Structured Cabling

Gutters, Tapes, Groupers and Installation Pipes

Cable Trays

Accessories, Mounts and Union for Professional Cable Trays

Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7a Cable

Optimized for security and extreme weather conditions

Fiber Optic

A complete fiber optic inventory to tackle any project, big or small

FTTX/PON Networks

Splitters, junction boxes, jumpers, tools, and OLT / ONU / ONT

Fiber Optic Tools

Toolkit for fiber optic cable assembly

GPS, Light Bars and Transportation

Logistics, GPS and IoT Tracking

Android and iPhone Applications, Best Solution for Video and Logistics

4G + Mobile Video

4G transmission, portable video, high security, telematics

4G Industrial Routers

Complete line for mobile applications and custom application designs

SIMs for Telematics / loT

Multi-carriers and activation / fast pay

3G/4G Signal Amplifiers for Vehicles

Increases vehicle coverage in low signal areas

Public & Private Security Lightbars

A complete line of solutions with red and blue lights

Marine Solutions

Professional Radars and Sonars

Automatic pilots, fish hot spots

Marine Radios

High coverage and GPS tracking


Professional Radiocommunication

Digital solutions for critical missions

NXRadio LTE Radiocommunication

Application and LTE Radios for NXRadio

Amateur Radios

Ham Radios, find everything you need with us

Professional Microphones and Headphones

Audio solutions for critical, heavy duty missions and continuous operation

Professional Batteries and Chargers for Radio

Long duration, military standards and 24/7 operation

Industrial Repeaters for Radio

Increase your radio communication coverage to hundreds of kilometers or extend IP to different cities

RF Lab Equipment

Professional and efficient RF testing equipment

Radio Communication Solutions

Voice, intercom and alarm systems for retail and repeaters for radio communication systems

Control and Dispatch Centers

Connect with your fleet remotely through our radio communication systems and accelerate your operations

Air Communication Radios

Operates at the assigned frequencies for aerial applications