SUPERCHARGE Your Radio Communication System

The D type Troncal System is the Most affordable on the Market and High demanding efficiency of its Kind

Improves your system potential by vastly increasing the Nextedge radio networks capacity by boosting the maximum number of sites. Compatible with the repeaters NXR-710 / 810, portables NX-220 / 320 and mobiles NX-720 / 820. Now, the portables NX-240 / 340 and mobiles NX-720 / 840 can be update to a troncal system, turning them into the most complete and economic terminals in the market.

NXDN™ delivers more broadcasting than the other digital systems

Add more channels to your existing system and increase the amount of users

Just add more repeaters to your actual digital conventional system and increase the simultaneous user calls capacity, improving the efficiency and increasing the system profits. The easy scalability allows you to start from a small system and adding equipment upon the users demand is increasing without losing the systems functionality. The terminals low cost makes the most efficient and profitable system on the world.

The highest Communication Security

High level voice encryption and restricting access to the system trough the electronics serial number. Avoid strangers to listen or that can leach into your system

NX-240/340 and
NX-740/840 updates


NX-220/320 and
NX-720/820 updates