Code of Ethics

Codigo de Etica


EPCOM believes in human dignity, and recognizes the undeniable right essential to all human beings to be treated with respect for their beliefs and political convictions, religious or any others. We respect people, in all forms and in all their rights, without discriminating anyone. We recognize their right to grow and develop all their abilities, skills and knowledge.


EPCOM believes in the family, the basic unit of society in which we receive affection, warmth and recognition, and that represents the reason of our efforts and sacrifices, and in particular, our work. We promote family stability.


EPCOM believes in work, the source of wealth, which enables us to apply our talents and skills , and share this with our loved ones.


EPCOM does business with a spirit of service and social responsibility.


Under no circumstances we offer or sell products with hidden defects. If by some mistake beyond our control this should occur, we take responsibility immediately, repaying the damage with a high sense of honor.



We strive for excellence and continuously improve the quality in all our processes, work and activities.


We care for the security, health and lives of our collaborators and fellows in all aspects,  especially in disasters and tragedies, in which we sympathize with all those affected.


We take care of the environment avoiding the waste of energy and the emission of pollutants.


We respect our society and therefore comply with all the laws and regulations imposed by all authorities, at every level.


We respect our customers and those who are not, our suppliers in the same way that those who are not, and we show the same respect to our competitors.


We stand in solidarity with the community to promote welfare, education, health, economy and development.


Under no circumstances we offer nor accept bribes, gifts, or illegal gratuities. We do not alter documents or produce false documents.


We care to comply in time and form our tax obligations. If by some mistake we omit the payment of any tax or tax liability, we make the appropriate declaration and paid immediately.


We fully comply with our employees, paying fair wages, as well as obligations in accordance with the law; similarly, we are concerned to create a healthy environment for development and opportunities for them. For this reason, their constant training is priority for EPCOM, since through the acquisition of knowledge and skills to grow their ability to climb inside and outside the organization.


Honesty, reliability and punctuality are key features in all our dealings with clients, suppliers, coworkers and society.


We are especially careful about the information we handle, so that our customers, suppliers and partners can be absolutely assured that we consider it confidential, that it is not part of any public database, and that we do not share it with anyone, at any time and under any circumstances. Additionally, we refrain from search, buy or investigate confidential information.


We fully met commitments with our suppliers and pay correctly and on time issued invoices.


We try to keep our production activities, processes, as well as our work in any way affect third persons or entities. We will indemnify immediately collateral damage and unintended harm, directly or through insurance companies.


We seek by all means to establish lasting eand mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, customers and partners, delivering always more than what we received and negotiating with win-win goal on mind.