Cellphone Signal Boosters = Wilson Electronics

Now three great brands. One great company

WilsonPro | weBoost | zBoost

The WilsonPro brand carries on as the professional line of cell signal boosters, the most powerful, most advanced cell phone signal booster available.

The power and flexibility of WilsonPro boosters make them suitable for virtually any scope of project, whether residential, commercial, security or fleet solutions. WilsonPro cell phone boosters may include additional components and impose more intensive installation requirements. For that reason the WilsonPro line is sold exclusively by technology integrators and authorized resellers.

Wilson Electronics started making cell phone signal boosters in 1999.They were the first to design, build and supply cell signal boosters to the U.S. and Canadian markets. Over the years they grew, adding new customer-requested signal boosters to yours product lines, developing the first ever in-vehicle cell phone boosters and securing more than 50 patents as they developed and refined our technology.

All three brands of cell phone boosters stop dropped calls and lost connections, eliminate no-signal dead zones, extend your connection range, speed your data uploads/downloads, improve audio quality of voice calls in low-signal areas, with the added benefit of longer battery life - up to 2 hours additional talk time on a single charge.

Most models boost multiple simultaneous connections across multiple carriers.

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