About Neural Labs

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the development of specialized software for reading license plates and video analytics, established in the city of Barcelona- Spain, Neural Labs is recognized in the national and international market as an efficient company and a reliable partner, thanks to the high rate of license plate reading and innovation in traffic control, security and mobility solutions for cities and municipalities.

During the last decade the company has been developing applications based on neural networks, as well as new deep learning techniques, to offer an important variety of artificial intelligence solutions applied to access controls, tolls, parking, logistics, traffic and mobility.


Product Specifications, Prices, and Pictures Disclaimer:
* Technical specifications, characteristics, functions, colors, prices and pictures are true as of last update of this website. Due to occasional changes in technology some of these mentioned may change.
* The final prices are calculated with a 4% additional discount considering payment method is cash or wire transfer.
* The price can increase depending on the payment type.

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