Interoperability & Video Analytics SecurOS VMS

SecurOSTM is the nucleus of a complete security Eco-System, a visualization platform that integrates native, as well as third party analytics, access control, systems, fire and life safety, building management, SCADA, and can be made compatible with virtually and third party system or device. The SecurOS platform is suited for large mission critical applications that involve hundreds or thousands of cameras, sensors, and control systems unified into ONE network.
Building Automation

SecurOSTM integrates a multitude of ISS and third party systems into one integrated network and creates a unified command and control platform. All devices, systems, cameras, users, macros, and scripts can be individually managed and have multi-level permissions based on login. Each object can be controlled manually or automated using scripts and macros.

ISS Products

Product Specifications, Prices, and Pictures Disclaimer:
* Technical specifications, characteristics, functions, colors, prices and pictures are true as of last update of this website. Due to occasional changes in technology some of these mentioned may change.
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