Expert in Obstruction Lights

DELTA BOX, French Manufacturer of Aircraft Warning Lights and ISO 9001-2015 certified, has been in existence since 1992.
Ever since its integration within the INDELEC Group, a specialist in Lightning Protection, Delta Box has been growing exponentially in terms of Turnover, Human Resources, and Worldwide Brand Recognition.

Pioneer in the utilization of Led technology, our product range is constantly evolving, thanks to a close collaboration between our Commercial and Research & Development Departments.

Our range is composed of 4 categories:

• Obstruction Lights: Low Intensity, Medium Intensity, High Intensity, Runway Marking
• Wind Direction Indicators: STNA/OACI Masts, FAA Masts, Regular Masts, Windsocks, with frangibility available
• High Voltage Lines Solutions: Spheres, Conductor Marking Lights
• Accessories: Solar Power Supply, Uninterruptible Power Supply System

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