EPCOM El Paso: biggest distributor of radio communication equipment


EPCOM is one of the world's largest suppliers of Radio Communication, Wireless Networks and Electronic Security equipment. We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied customers which are currently doing business with us! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and free expert technical support for every product we sell.

EPCOM is a US corporation with 3 distribution centers strategically located in San Diego, CA., Miami, FL. and El Paso, TX. and more than 29 years of experience in the distribution and engineering support for high-end technology products.

We manufacture, import and export only high-end technology products, in order to deliver the best quality products at the best price in the market. 99% of the purchase orders we receive are same-day shipped, and our one and only mission is to provide you with the best tools to succeed as a Professional System Integrator and Dealer.

Our efforts are centered on the idea of being the company that always says YES to every challenge, request and requirement you have.

We are open Monday through Friday 8 am - 6 pm, and Saturday 9 am -1 pm MDT Mountain Daylight Time. Call us at 1-888-5335119 and ask for your free catalogs, try our technical support service and let us help you to succeed in your upcoming projects.

We offer only high-end Technology products.
We are committed with our customers total satisfaction.



El Paso: 915.533.5119 / sales@epcom.net
Miami: 305.889.1127 / epmiami@epcom.net
San Diego: 619.661.9160